Offering top-notch Henna services, Henna in Dubai blends creativity with tradition to produce elaborate designs that are memorable for any occasion.


Bridal Henna

Shifaz Henna best bridal mehndi artist provides beautiful Bridal Henna services, creating unique, detailed designs to accentuate the elegance and custom of your wedding.


Henna Home Service

With our henna services at home, you can enjoy the beauty of henna in the convenience of your own home. We bring art to your doorstep.


Party Henna

With Party Henna services from us, your party henna designs will be elevated. Our talented mehndi artists add a special touch to your celebration with gorgeous henna designs.


Henna Classes

Use Shifaz Henna's specialized services to experience the allure of Black Henna. On any occasion, our exquisite and safe designs will turn heads.


Henna Tattoos

With their exquisite Henna Tattoo services, we allow you to create fleeting body art and mehndi tattoo designs that perfectly captures your individuality and sense of style.

White Henna

Experience the allure of White Henna Art in Dubai, where beautiful designs adorn gorgeous individuals for various occasions, including weddings, brides, individual events, and more.

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Are you ready to get stunning henna art applied to your skin? Make an appointment with us right now to discover the beauty of classic elegance combined with modern style. Your trip to gorgeous henna is about to begin!

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