Quick Guide: 8 Easy Tips to Darken your Bridal Mehndi

You may be searching for quick and simple ways to darken your bridal mehndi artist in Dubai if you believe the old wives’ story that “the darker your mehndi color, the more love your future husband holds for you.” A certain amount of anxiety is built up to achieve dark henna color on the big day, even if you don’t believe in this story! On brides’ hands, a deeper mehndi color looks incredibly lovely and stunning in photos. In addition, family members will be admiring the hue of your bridal mehndi. Let us also grant them calmness of mind.

The majority of mehndi artists these days purchase their own henna cones, which come pre-made with components that produce a bright red henna stain. Therefore, you don’t need to be concerned about henna giving off an incorrect hue. However, by employing these easy techniques, you may intensify the color even further! Read On!

Tips To Darken Henna with Best Bridal Mehndi Artist Dubai 

Properly Wash Your Hands before Applying

You have to prevent your skin from getting a lot more moisturized than it needs! This implies that on the day of your mehndi, you would also be slathering it. Nevertheless, using any kind of moisturizer can prevent mehndi from deeply absorbing into your skin by forming a barrier. 

Prior to applying henna on your hands or any part of your body, use soap and water to properly wash your hands, feet, and palms. Use a gentle cloth to pat them dry.

Use High-Quality Eucalyptus Oil

Henna will set more effectively if you apply pure, high-quality eucalyptus oil to your hands and feet before applying mehndi. In order to get a darker stain, it is typically also added to mehndi paste. 

Once your hands are thoroughly cleaned, apply a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the areas that will get the mehndi application.

Let It Dry Naturally

When henna dries out, it’s a tedious process. Bridal mehndi application takes 3-4 hours and you are bound to lose patience. You shouldn’t use a drier on your henna. Using this method will only lighten your mehndi’s color. 

Allow henna to dry out for its sweet time. The best you can do is start early. Get a part of your henna done and let it dry first. Move around, eat and enjoy for a bit before getting the other part done. 

Use A Sugar And Lemon Mixture (In Moderation)

Bridal mehndi artist in dubai traditionally uses a blend of sugar and lemon. This method has been used for a very long time. Because lemon is naturally acidic, it allows henna to release its dye. Lemon and sugar work together to assist the mehndi stay on the bride’s hands and feet for a longer period of time. 

But be cautious about it! In fact, using too much of this mixture can make the henna look lighter. You can dab it no more than four or five times. 

Make Use of Clove Steam

Another time-tested cure that will quickly darken your bridal mehndi. This is the method for doing it.

  • Place four or five cloves on a tawa and light the stove. 
  • Put your hands on top of the pan. 
  • Hold them for thirty to forty seconds. Do this two or three times. 
  • For optimal effects, turn off the stove and repeat three times. 
  • Use great caution when carrying out this procedure. Steam shouldn’t cause pain in your hands.

Additionally, avoid overly drying out henna as this will cause it to flake. Apply the henna right before bed if you plan to keep it overnight—which we strongly advise. 

Leave It On, Preferably Overnight!

You must leave it for a few hours if you want to get the best outcomes. Both applying and maintaining a mehndi design are laborious processes. We recommend that after the mehndi artist is finished, you keep the henna on for at least 12 hours. So that you can relax and just take it easy, don’t schedule any other events straight after mehndi!

Try to leave the henna on all night and remove it with a scrape in the morning. However, avoid tying anything on your hands since this may cause perspiration, which could fade the henna’s color. As it is, sleep. Allow the crumbling portion to fall and dispose of the remaining portion in the morning. 

Take Tiger Balm or Vicks.

Gently scrape off the henna by rubbing your hands together after leaving it on for a few hours or so. Once that’s finished, treat your hands and feet with a generous dose of Vicks or Tiger Balm. 

Menthol, which is present in Vicks, attracts heat to the skin and efficiently darkens the color of your bridal mehndi. 

Use Mustard Oil! 

As an alternative to Vicks, you might use mustard or pickle oil on your bridal mehndi. Mustard oil works wonders too, heating and darkening your mehndi much like Vicks does. Mustard oil also has the benefit of eliminating the stickiness of the lemon and sugar mixture.

Wrapping it Up

Enhance the richness of your bridal mehndi with these simple yet effective tips! From proper skin preparation to overnight application, these techniques will help you achieve a stunning, dark henna stain for your special day. Follow these expert recommendations and make your bridal mehndi truly stand out!

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