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If you’re searching for exceptional henna services in Dubai, look no further. We bring years of experience, passion, and expertise to every design. From weddings to parties and everything in between, we offer diverse henna services tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

Diverse Range of Traditional & Trendy Henna Services

Bridal Henna
Customized elegance for your wedding day with designs that tell your love story.
Henna Home Service
Bring the artistry of henna to your doorstep for a comfortable, personalized experience.
Party Henna
Add a touch of tradition and fun to your celebrations, leaving every guest with a memorable imprint.
Henna Tattoo
Get personalized henna tattoos that reflect your unique style, from modern trends to classic motifs.
White Henna
Elevate your look with white henna, offering a contemporary twist on traditional art for any special occasion.

Explore Our Pakistani, Indian, Arabic, and Morrocan Henna Designs

What Makes Our Henna Services Different?

Authenticity and Quality

We prioritize authenticity and quality and use only natural ingredients to create vivid and long-lasting henna designs that are safe for all skin types.

Expertise and Passion

With over 8 years of experience, we bring experience, passion, and creativity to every design to ensure a personalized and memorable experience for our clients.

Commitment to Culture

We respect and honor cultural traditions by infusing creativity into every design and celebrating individuality, beauty, and cultural heritage.

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Whether it’s for your wedding, a special event, or simply a moment of self-expression, we are here to bring your vision to life with stunning henna designs that celebrate culture, beauty, and individuality. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and embark on a journey of artistic expression and cultural celebration with Shifaz Henna.

My Story

Meet Shifa Zulfiqar, the creative mind behind Arabic Henna. Since 2018, she has been captivated by the intricate beauty of henna art and the richness of Arabic culture. Specializing in henna in Dubai, Shifa’s dedication to authenticity and quality sets her apart. Using only natural ingredients, her organic henna is renowned for its safety and vibrancy, earning her a reputation as one of Dubai’s finest henna artists. Self-taught and committed to sharing her expertise, Shifa offers henna classes and at-home services across the UAE. Through her growing Instagram platform, she spreads her passion for henna art, celebrating culture, beauty, and individuality with every stroke. Join Shifa on her inspiring journey and let Arabic Henna reveal the beauty within you.


1. Can I request a specific henna design for my appointment?
Absolutely! We welcome your ideas and preferences and will work with you to create a customized design that reflects your style and vision.
Yes, we use only natural ingredients to create our henna paste, ensuring it is safe and suitable for all skin types.
Yes, we provide henna services for various events and occasions, including weddings, parties, festivals, corporate events, and more.
The duration of a henna appointment varies depending on the complexity of the design and the area being covered. Bridal appointments typically last longer than smaller designs for events or parties.
Discover the essence of tradition and artistry with Shifaz Henna. Our organic henna designs are a fusion of creativity and cultural heritage, perfect for elevating your beauty. Try the best henna artist in Dubai with the best designs today!
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