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"Here at Shifaz Henna, tradition blossoms into beauty. Find out what makes us unique! Check out our amazing expertise in henna mehndi designers and designs, an ideal combination of classic style and modern appeal. Let your inner beauty shine through every stroke of art. Join Shifaz Henna for a journey of cultural celebration and self-expression. Explore our skilled mehndi artist online to experience the perfect blend of classic and contemporary designs!"

My Story

Introducing Arabic Henna’s creative director, Shifa Zulfiqar. Shifa set off on her adventure in 2018 with inspiration from the complex beauty of henna artwork and the richness of Arabic culture, specializing in henna in Dubai. Her love for self-expression and her excellent attention to detail allowed her to become well-known as one of the best henna artists in Dubai very soon.

Shifa is unique because she is committed to authenticity and quality. She uses only natural chemicals to create her carefully crafted organic henna, which is safe and vivid enough to stain even the most delicate skin. She is a self-taught henna artist and gives henna classes in dubai. It makes sense that her henna stain is so well-known among her customers. And it makes organic henna mehndi cones in dubai at home and sells them at good rates too.

Motivated by her passion for the art, Shifa shares her knowledge via her Instagram platform, which has grown over the past six years and provides excellent henna at-home services around the United Arab Emirates.

Every Mehndi Dubai henna stroke applied by Shifa Zulfiqar is a celebration of culture, beauty, and individuality rather than just an artistic creation. Also that she gives a henna home service in dubai. Accompany her on this appealing journey and allow Arabic Henna to bring out the beauty within you.


Offering Top-Notch Services in Dubai

Offering top-notch henna services in Dubai, your go-to mehndi artist near me, blends creativity with tradition to produce elaborate designs that are memorable for any occasion.

Bridal Henna

Shifaz Henna provides beautiful Bridal Henna services, creating unique, detailed designs to accentuate the elegance and custom of your wedding.

Henna Home Service

With our Home henna services, you can enjoy the beauty of henna in the convenience of your own home. We bring art to your doorstep.

Party Henna

With Party Henna services from us, your party will be elevated. Our talented artists add a special touch to your celebration with gorgeous henna designs.

Henna Classes

Our teachers are great artists and love teaching. They're here to help you get really good at doing henna designs. They will show you different ways and designs, so you can use your creativity to make beautiful henna patterns.

Henna Tattoo

With their exquisite Henna Tattoo services, we allow you to create fleeting body art that perfectly captures your individuality and sense of style.

White Henna

White Henna Art can be used to create beautiful designs on gorgeous people for a range of occasions, including weddings, brides, individual events, and more.

Lawrence Nara
Lawrence Nara
16 January 2024
Excellent and quality work. Home service very helpful as we were in a hurry.
Pansy Gamal
Pansy Gamal
28 November 2023
She is great and helpful
28 November 2023
Amazing artist! Very beautiful henna done on my hand !
28 November 2023
Perfect, talented young lady. Must try her henna art .Well done.
Noura Ajakane
Noura Ajakane
27 November 2023
Sheefa is professional,, she’s an artist any design you show her she can make it for you ,plus the quality of henna is nice too
Omnia M
Omnia M
26 November 2023
I absolutely loved the design she created on my hand – she's super talented and creative! Her work is a clear reflection of her skill and trustworthiness. I would definitely choose her services again without hesitation.
Kashmiri Neerahoo
Kashmiri Neerahoo
11 November 2023
Friendly and great service. Beautiful designs and very creative.
Shashi Baghel
Shashi Baghel
2 November 2023
best henna design and home service she is so sweet
saima masab
saima masab
12 October 2023
I highly recommend shifa to anyone seeking an extraordinary henna experience.i will definitely be a returning customer👍👍
Aisha Aisha
Aisha Aisha
24 September 2023
Thank you so much to talented Shifaz. One of the best henna artist i came across in dubai MashaAllah. Her work is excellent, precise and she pays attention to every little detail. Also her organic henna is perfect. The colour and smells is just amazing MashaAllah.🤩🤩🤩

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